Cy Dons Mr Aristocrat

Dragonsmeade Warlock

Aristocratic Aire

Noble Command

Waseeka's In Command

Waseeka's Interlude

Lost River Sanfield

John Wayne Brady

Jason's Winett

Cy Don's Miss Trophy

Dee-Cee Mr. Trophy


Dee-Cee Caprice

MI Footnote

Shaker's Gayfly

HLM Caption

CY DONS MR ARISTOCRAT – Frozen Semen | 1994 Bay Stallion

Sire of Olivia GP, Primary Investment GP, RWMF Frankly My D’Aire, Halls Dazzle Me, Adventure’s Miss Ritz, JKS Sweet Serenity, Seaway Border Patrol, CBMF Twist Of Fate, CBMF Take The Lead, CBMF Royal Treatment, CBMF Heir Apparent, KJM Simply The Best, HRH Playboy, CBMF Steel Magnolia and Hollywood George Clooney, to name a few. We plan to use Mr Aristocrat in our program via frozen semen.