Salem Starstruck

Salem Starstruck

Liberation First Star

Century Free Spirit

Wham Bam Command

Windhover Antigone

Liberation Starbrite

Wham Bam Command

Austin Flying Cloud

On Center Stage

Serenity Masterpiece

Serenity Grandmaster

Serenity Remember Me

Cy Don's Vicky Lyn

Dee-Cee Mr Trophy

Serenity Tender Mist

Queen's Sebastian CH

Queen’s Sebastian with David Rand


Peggy Alderman and I started this discussion way back last fall of 2020. Decisions needed to be made and stars needed to align, but Salem Starstruck is now confirmed in foal to Queen’s Sebastian CH (Queen’s Dirty Deeds x WRR Miz Wildfire, by Mizrahi), and we have purchased this foal in utero. I’m thinking RWF When Stars Align would be a great name.

I’ve always said when breeding horses, you need to do crosses that excite you, keep you focused during long winter months, keep you in anticipation. This cross is exactly that. Thanks, Peg!